Our Top Braces Care Tips

Fixing misaligned, crooked teeth braces gives people the confidence to smile wide and bright without being concerned about their not-so-perfect teeth. And with over four million people wearing them within the US alone, braces are undoubtedly one of the most popular orthodontic appliances.

While there is no denying the incredible benefits of braces, they come with their fair share of challenges, the most common and probably the hardest of which is ensuring dental hygiene. Braces, particularly fixed ones, make dental cleaning more difficult. While they are meant to fix your tooth imperfections and improve your oral health, they can put you at the risk of various dental problems if not well taken care of. Here are some of our top braces care tips to help avoid oral health issues and maintain oral hygiene while wearing these orthodontic devices:

· Brush After Every Meal

While the ADA recommends brushing teeth twice a day, it’s important to note that this recommendation is for those with apparently healthy teeth. When you have braces, brushing twice a day won’t suffice.

You need to brush after every meal or even snack. The reason is braces’ capability of trapping food particles, which, if left trapped for longer, can pave the way for bacterial growth, leading to all sorts of dental issues. So, avoid the risk by brushing your teeth every time you eat something.

· Use the Right Toothpaste and Toothbrush

There is no single right or wrong toothpaste for those who wear braces. However, dental experts recommend using one with fluoride and avoiding whitening toothpaste. When it comes to the toothbrush, it is recommended to use one with soft, specially designed bristles that can easily move around the braces to remove food particles, bacteria, plaque, and tartar. LBailar’s Braces Electric Toothbrush meets all the requirements for an ideal toothbrush for braces.

Its dual-length bristles and sonic technology ensures effective cleaning with braces, giving you visibly cleaner and whiter teeth in just two weeks. The electric toothbrush for braces delivers up to 45000 sonic vibrations per minute. This powerful technology makes it seven times more effective at removing dental plaque on teeth with braces than a manual toothbrush. Buy it now to get two additional spare heads along with the usual five that come with it.

· Choose Your Foods Carefully

While you should always be mindful of what you eat, it becomes more important when you wear braces. In addition to avoiding too many sugary and starchy foods that increase the chances of plaque buildup, you should also strictly not eat foods that are hard or sticky, such as candies or gummies. Moreover, refrain from biting into fruits, vegetables, and corn on the cob; it can loosen the brackets of your braces.

Take Oral Care a Little More Seriously with Braces

Although you should always take oral care seriously, it becomes all the more important when you’re wearing braces. This is because braces increase your chances of developing dental issues by making oral hygiene maintenance difficult. Make sure you strictly follow the dental hygiene and care guidelines given by your orthodontist, along with following a healthy dental cleaning routine. Take care of your braces so you can have that beautiful, healthy teeth and smile that you always dreamed about.

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