When can I expect my product to be delivered? 

  • Delivery time frame can take 3-5 business days.

When do I change my toothbrush head?

  • Regularly like the dentist recommends, every 3 months.

What is the return policy? 

  • 60 days money back guarantee. Please make all return requests by email. (Free postage for return). Info@Lbailar.com

Are there 2 handles in Sonic Derm?

  • No. There is 1, but two heads you can exchange to use the exfoliation pad head and toothbrush head. And we would only recommend using the exfoliator once a week! With this convenience we are making brighter smiles and glowing faces!

Can we reuse the exfoliation pads?

  • No. Single use only.  We would recommend not to reuse them for sanitary reason. 

How does Microdermabrasion work?

  • Microdermabrasion is exfoliation of the skin and buffing off the excess dead skin and thin top layer of skin. 

Can you use the exfoliation pad with makeup on?

  • No. Clean face 2 minutes before exfoliating with soap and water.  Then gently glide the microderm head over the skin. 

Do we need to wash our face after exfoliating?

  • Do Not Wash Face after exfoliating. 
  • Follow up with our C-Spray Hydrating Peptide Mist or Vita-Soothe Moisturizer

      When is the best time to use the microdermabrasion machine?

      • Night time.

      How often do we exfoliate?

      • Once a week. Microdermabrasion is not everyday usable. 

      How do you exchange heads?

      • Pull straight out. Do Not Twist head off.

      How does the 3D Flosser floss between the teeth gap?

      • The 4 different length bristles go in between the teeth gaps to brush excess bacteria.
      • Our regular head only brush inner and outer gum lines

        How do I know which toothbrush head is for me?

        • The 3D flosser head is for people with teeth gaps or receding gums and separated teeth.  
        • The regular Sonic Toothbrush head is for people who don’t have teeth gaps. 

          What are the benefits of the Sonic Toothbrush?

          • All Sonic toothbrushes clean better than a manual toothbrush by removing up to 7x more plaque using sonic wave technology and with soft flexible bristles. Sonic Toothbrushes also prevent cavities and gingivitis better than a manual toothbrush. 

          Is the Sonic toothbrush Waterproof?

          • Yes.

          Is there a Manufacturer Warranty? 

            Can people with Cold Sore history use our Lip Gloss?

            • If the consumer gets cold sores very frequently, we do not suggest they use this product.