Braces Toothbrush Rechargeable With 4 Heads Bonus 2 AFTERCARE

$69 $99

Is the sonic brush safe with braces?

Recommended for those wearing braces, this electronic braces toothbrush gives you healthier whiter teeth in two weeks tops.

Buy the electronic toothbrush for braces to invest in better oral hygiene.

EFFECTIVE SONIC CLEANING: Fitted Bristles made for Braces.  This powerful electric toothbrush delivers up to 45,000 sonic vibrations per minute allowing it to remove 7 times more dental plaque compared to a manual toothbrush. Enjoy a daily thorough cleaning of teeth and gum line, and whiter teeth in just two weeks.

SUPER LONG BATTERY LIFE: Unlike competing brands with unreliable battery life, our sonic toothbrush comes with a strong long-lasting rechargeable battery. It comes with a charging stand so you’ll never worry about it running out of power, but will still work for days even when not charged. Great for use as a travel toothbrush.

6 SPARE BRUSH HEADS: Each toothbrush comes with 6 replacement brush heads with caps for more hygienic and convenient storage. The brush heads feature long-lasting bristles designed to get to the hard-to-reach areas for better oral health too.

FUNCTIONAL HANDLE DESIGN: Our electric Braces Sonic toothbrush comes with an ergonomically designed body that’s easy to hold. Its simple yet functional design includes an on/off button. 5 Cleaning Modes for your custom needs. 

THE PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION: Each toothbrush comes with a charging base that’s easy to carry with you, and a long-lasting battery that will go 24 days before needing a charge. This makes our sonic toothbrush an excellent travel brush for busy professionals that are constantly on the road. Get yours today!



6 Heads

1 Handle

1 Charger Base

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