Alternatives to Flossing That Won’t Make Your Gums Bleed

Did you floss your teeth today?

If you’re like most Americans, chances are you didn’t. Research tells that only 4 out of 10 Americans floss their teeth once a day, which is the minimum recommended frequency. You may have skipped flossing just today, or it could be worse. You could be among the 20% of Americans who do not floss their teeth at all. What makes the situation more interesting is that about 27% of people even lie to their dentists about flossing.

When it comes to the excuses people have for not flossing their teeth, many complain that it makes their gums bleed. If this is also your reason for skipping flossing, read on to learn about some alternatives to flossing that won’t make your gums bleed.

1. Water Flossing

A technique approved by the ADA, water flossing, involves using a steady stream of water to remove stuck food particles and plaque. It’s performed using a specialized hand-held appliance.

2. Interdental Brushes

These are tiny toothbrushes specially designed to reach between our teeth to remove particles and bacteria lurking there. Research has also found some evidence regarding their effectiveness in removing plaque and reducing the symptoms of gingivitis.

Interdental brushes are much easier to floss with than conventional floss but are equally effective. They are particularly useful for people with braces.

3. Floss Picks

Featuring a toothpick on one end and a small floss on the other, floss picks are available in both disposable and reusable varieties. While these work fine if used properly, a study published in Clinical Oral Investigations found that it may be a little difficult to maneuver.

4. LBailar Flosser Electric Toothbrush

LBailar’s Flosser Electric Toothbrush is an innovative product that combines the two essential dental care steps of brushing and flossing into one. It features specially-designed tri-length bristles that can easily reach all the surfaces of the teeth, penetrating deeper into those tiny gaps in between teeth and along the gum line. The toothbrush is powered by sonic technology that more effectively removes bacteria, dental plaque, and tartar than a regular toothbrush. LBailar’s 2-in-1 Flosser Electric Toothbrush gives you visibly cleaner teeth in just two weeks, and its regular use will also improve your dental health.

The Sum Up

Along with the risk of hurting their gums, one of the most common reasons why people skip flossing is that it requires them to put in extra time and effort in dental cleaning. Out of all the alternative options available to flossing, only LBailar’s innovative product solves both these issues. It’s just as safe for your teeth as a regular toothbrush but a lot more effective and less time-consuming.

With LBailar’s Flosser Toothbrush at your disposal, you don’t have to spend any extra time and effort flossing your teeth. It makes staying on top of your dental health possible. Get your hands on it for cleaner, whiter, healthier teeth and gums.

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