Electric Flosser VS String Floss – Which Is Better For You?

Stop using folded paper and fingernails to get food out of your teeth!

You have to admit that you’ve used some unusual objects to get that annoying piece of food stuck between your teeth at some point. Even though you are definitely not alone in this — seeing as thousands of Americans do the same thing — it is definitely not good for your teeth.

Flossing is a very important part of maintaining your oral health. There’s so much it does to keep your teeth in good shape. But if you just can’t bring yourself to manually floss, then go for an electric flosser! Here’s how the two compare.

1.    Ease of Use

The biggest reason most people don’t floss is because of how much effort it can take. Who wants to stand there for 10 minutes and pick at every single toothy crevice? A sonic flosser, on the other hand, does all the work for you.

For people with braces, dental bridges or other limiting conditions like arthritis, electric sonic flossers are a far more convenient choice. They’re easier to use than string floss and show better results.

2.    Effectiveness

The vibrating bristles (in electronic sonic flossers) or water pressure (in water flossers) remove debris and plaque from your teeth better than string floss ever could. Several studies have shown that electric sonic toothbrushes and flossers do a better job at thoroughly cleaning your teeth than manual string floss. Electric flossers also reduce gum bleeding and fight against dental diseases like gingivitis.

3.    Lifespan

String floss can last forever if it’s not regularly used — but if it is, then it won’t last you longer than a few months. You’ll have to toss out the string after each use and replace it regularly. Contrarily, an electric flosser is likely to last you for a much longer time since it is a device, not a disposable item.

4.    Cost

String floss is comparatively much cheaper than a sonic flosser. But when you consider the repeated purchases required for string floss, the cost will add up over time. This isn’t a problem with electric flossers because they’re a one-time investment that’ll last you quite a while. So in terms of cost, think longer-term.

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