Braces Toothbrush Replacement Heads 4 Pcs


 BRACES SONIC CLEANING: Fitted Bristles made for Braces.

  • Compatible with All Bailar toothbrush heads Snap-On Handles: replacement brush heads are compatible with Bailar electric toothbrush snap-on handles. 
  • For Bailar toothbrush heads-Reliably safe: replacement toothbrush heads. These end-rounded gum health toothbrush heads are the trusted choice for gentle,gum-health yet effective brushing.
  • For Bailar brush heads built for gum health to 100%: Densely-packed, high-quality bristles give you an extra gentle brushing to remove plaque along the gum line to improve gum health up to 100% more than a manual toothbrush.

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