Are You Brushing Teeth the Right Way? Tooth Brushing Techniques from Experts

We’ve all grown up being told how important brushing teeth is. But, we (at least most of us) weren’t really taught how to brush teeth; we learned it by watching others and copying them. As a result, the majority of us do it wrong.

It can be surprising, and a little off-putting too, to hear this about something we’ve been doing almost all our lives, but this is not just a statement given by anyone; it’s a research finding. Research tells that only one in ten Americans brush their teeth correctly. It’s both gross and alarming. To help improve this situation, we have put together a list of tips from experts on how to brush teeth the right way. Take a look to improve your brushing technique.

4 Expert Teeth Brushing Tips

Here are some simple tips from oral care experts on improving your teeth brushing habit and method:

1.      Choose a Soft-Bristled Brush

You may think that hard, rigid bristles do the cleaning job better, but dental experts have a different opinion. They strictly advise against using a brush with hard, stiff, rigid bristles because it can damage your enamel and gums. According to experts, you should always use a toothbrush with soft bristles as it’s gentle on your teeth and gums helps ensure that you do not end up hurting them while cleaning.

LBailar’s Electric Turbo Toothbrush fits the description perfectly. Its customized bristles are soft yet effective in removing stuck food particles, plaque, and tartar from your teeth.

2.      Brush for Two Minutes

Two minutes may seem like a long time to spend cleaning your teeth on busy, rushed mornings, but this is what dental experts tell your each teeth brushing session should last.

Do you know how much longer you likely need to brush? 1 minute 15 seconds. Yes, that’s how far behind most of us are from the recommended teeth brushing time. According to research, most people brush their teeth for just 45 seconds.

3.      Brush at an Angle

What’s the position of your brush when you’re cleaning teeth? If you’re like most people, you must hold your toothbrush horizontally. But, experts say that it’s wrong, and you should hold the brush at a 45o angle to make sure you’re not missing out on any tooth surface and also cleaning effectively.

Holding the brush at a 45o angle also works great to remove food particles and nasty bacteria accumulating in the gum line.

4.      Brush in Circles

Many of us move our toothbrushes back and forth while cleaning teeth. Experts say that it can cause gum recession over time and can even lead to tooth structure erosion along the gum line.

Moving your toothbrush in small circles is the right way to go about it.

Wrap Up

These are some simple but highly effective tooth brushing tips from dental experts. While this helps ensure effective oral cleaning, they won’t be of any use if you’re not using the right toothbrush. Invest in a high-quality electric toothbrush to make sure you have the right tool for dental cleaning. If you’re looking for one, LBailar has some great options. Check out our range of sonic-powered electric toothbrushes to choose one that best suits your oral care needs.